Cacao butter keto blondies

Seriously. If I didn’t care about the carbs that white chocolate (even the sugar-free version) is full of, I’d make white chocolate brownies. Instead, my keto alternative is cacao butter keto blondies. Without the cacao, I’ve never enjoyed any version of blondies.

Besides the ratio between dry and wet ingredients, I think it is important to find just the right doneness, just like with keto brownies and keto gooey cake. Since every oven tends to function a bit differently, no matter what the numbers say, I recommend baking for 20 minutes the first time. Later, if you like the flavor of these keto blondies as much as we do, and want to make another batch, decide whether you want juicier or dryer outcome the next time. Shorten or lengthen the baking time accordingly.

Cacao butter keto blondies
Without the optional nuts or chia seeds added, one blondie comes out to be approximately 80 Calories,

Fat: 7.3 g (of which Saturated: 4.6 g, MUFA's: 2.0 g),
Total Carbs: 1.6 g,
Fiber: 0.9 g,
Net Carbs: 0.7 g,
Protein: 2.1 g
 Prep Time 15 minutes
 Cook Time 20 minutes



6 tbsp. cacao butter 3 oz.
2 tbsp. butter unsalted, room temperature
1 tsp. baking powder or 1/2 t. cream of tartar + 1/4 t. baking soda
6 tbsp. erythritol preferably powdered
for making THE FUDGY KETO BLODIES alternative, use:
6 tbsp. cacao butter 3 oz.
2 tbsp. coconut oil 1 oz., soft, room temperature
1/2 tsp. cream of tartar
1/4 cup erythritol preferably powdered
1 dash salt
2 large eggs room temperature
1 pinch stevia extract
1 tsp. vanilla extract
1 tsp. vanilla bean seeds
2 tbsp. coconut cream
1/4 cup almond flour
2.5 tbsp. coconut flour
1/2 oz. dark chocolate chopped
2 tbsp. walnuts or any nuts or chia optional
Cacao butter keto blondies


Preheat the oven to 360°F (180°C) and line an 8" square baking pan with some parchment paper. Next, measure out all of the ingredients.
keto blondies
Put cacao butter into a microwave-safe bowl. Let it melt in a microwave for a minute and a half. Stir the butter until there are no lumps left. If needed, microwave for another minute or so. Set aside to cool. When cooled, stir in the butter OR coconut oil.
keto blondies
Using a hand electric mixer, mix the eggs, erythritol, vanilla bean seeds, salt, and vanilla extract for a couple of minutes. Add the coconut cream and mix again.
keto blondies
Pour in the cooled butter and mix until the mixture gets denser. Depending on the temperature of the ingredients, the density might vary from almost liquid to creamy. Try to have all the ingredients at room temperature.
keto blondies
Sieve and combine the two flours and baing soda or cream of tartar. Add this flour mixture to the cream and combine well with a rubber spatula. Add the chopped chocolate and stir well again.
keto blondies
Optional: You can add 2 tablespoons of ground walnuts (or any type of nuts) or chia seeds (suggestion: add a tsp. of lemon zest as well). Either add them to the chopped chocolate or use solo. Combine using a spatula.

Put the mixture into the prepared baking pan and spread it out evenly using a spatula.
Keto blondies
Put in the oven and bake for 20 minutes. After this time, the toothpick will be clean when inserted into the center, but the blondies will remain somewhat juicy in the middle. Don’t over-bake.
When done baking, take the whole batch out of the pan together with the parchment paper and let it cool down. When cooled, cut into 20 more or less equal size blondies.

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